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For our 2014 US Scholarship Initiative Program, each candidate in our Multicultural Group at the Bread and Roses High School was required to submit an essay detailing their future plans. 

​Ms. Sanogo will receive a $500 Grant that she will use for an educational enrichment program.  Additionally, Ms. Sanogo will have the chance to appear on the WPIX Channel 11 News to read the Weather Forecast courtesy of Ojinika Obiekwe.

​The grant will be presented to her tomorrow, September 24th, 2014 at the Bread and Roses high School.   

​March 7, 2014   

​Hello my name is Hawa Sanogo; I was born in Mauritania, raised in Niger, Niamey. I am a student at Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School, in the 11th grade. Some of my achievements since the start of my school education are that I have been on the honor roll from freshmen year to now. I hope to achieve honors as a senior as well. I have also been on the perfect attendance from 9th grade to now. 

​I have participated in extracurricular activities such as the track team, Girls On The Run, Model UN, Women's International Girls Group, debate team, Girls Group Achievement Initiative, which is a partnership with Columbia University at my school, Respect For All, the science group and ADC Youth- Build Career Academy, in which I have completed numerous community service hours .some of my career interests include becoming a corner or forensic scientists. 

Currently, I'm a coach for an organization called Girls on the Run, which helps girls from all ethnic backgrounds and ages to strengthen themselves; to have confidence in themselves and know they can do anything they want. I also have work experience 'in Practice Makes Perfect (PMP), in which I tutored children in grades 4th and 6th in math and English. Another work experience I have taken is a summer camp for first and second grades, taking them around New York City. 

​A career interest for me is a coroner. The reason why I am interested in a career as a coroner is because they investigate a death that happens with suspicion or other reasons and come with valid evidence. Another career interest that I have is a forensic scientist. The job of a Forensic scientist is the application of broad spectrum of sciences and technologies to investigate situations and establish what has occurred based on collected evidence. In order to become a coroner I will need a bachelor degree from a 4 year college, a law qualification, at least five years of experience, medical course qualifications, and good analysis and communication skills.

​In order to become a forensic scientist I will need a bachelor degree from a 4 year college, four {GCSE) grade, A-C- average, a level in a scientific  subject, training coroner; With the skills and demonstrating knowledge of biology or chemistry techniques and practices. 

​Given these points, of my high school achievements which have helped me become more interested in other extracurricular activities and my interest in forensics science. The skills and accomplishments that I have acquired have made me a better student such as becoming further open-minded. In the future my achievements may further my passion towards other endeavors by creating and advocating an organization  that helps young girls learn how to have confident  in themselves and not to depend on other. 

​Wanting a better future and opportunities for me and everyone around me is what drives me to achieve my dreams. Some unique qualities about myself is that I am adaptable, a team player and I am respectful and open­ minded .The personal qualities and experiences that have shaped me to be who I am today is being open-mind and letting other say their opinions and considering or emerging my ideas with the new ideas given to me. Things that I will do with a career as a coroner or a forensic scientist is to help people who are interested in becoming forensic scientist get to where they need to be.

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KP/KALU Scholarship Initiative--- Scholarship Grant to Gertrude Chimhungwe of Buffalo University, school of Pharmacy.