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Making A Donation


Kechies Project is a unique nonprofit organization specifically focused on empowering underprivileged girls and providing them with educational resources. Our programs take place in a few states across Nigeria, in addition to the United States. Donations to Kechies Project,  ensures the  direct financial support and provision of resources to two schools in Nigeria and the cultural awareness programs in New York City Schools; Bread and Roses High School in Harlem and PS101Q Elementary School in Forest Hills. Kechies Project is dedicated to direct involvement with minimal administrative costs. This focused approach benefits our students enabling their growth and provides them with future opportunities. Kechies Project finds that the girls in our organization end up having positive impacts on their communities and ultimately the world!

Click here to make a donation online.

To donate by mail, please make checks out to Kechies Project Inc. and send your donations to:

​Kechies Project Inc
CUNY HUB, 4th Floor

215 W 125th Street

New York, NY 10027

Kechies Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Your donation will help pay for our girls tuition, uniforms, feminine care and school supplies. 

The breakdown of what our girls need:

​School Supplies - What Your Donation Buys:

  • ​$5 to 7 dollars = A pair of Sandals
  • ​$13 to 15 dollars =Uniform
  • ​$20 = Books
  • ​After School lesson program for Our Makoko girls.
  • $1 per day = ​Daily transportation to and back from school

​.Yearly School fees:

WAEC Registration. (SS = Senior Secondary School; JS =Junior Secondary School)

  • SS3 Level: $161.00 per student
  • SS2 Level: $40 per student
  • SS1 Level: $38 per student
  • JS3 Level: $34 per student
  • JS2 Level: $20 per student
  • JS1 Level: $43 per student


Kechies Project works with girls in the Harlem community of New York. The program provides cultural luncheons, monthly workshops, school supplies and mentoring support to select girls from various African countries attending Bread and Roses High School and some of their colleagues born in Harlem.